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Occupational Therapist and clinical researcher Christina Stephens, constructing a prosthetic leg from Lego. Stephens lost her foot after a crush injury. Somebody in Stephens’ research lab joked that she - an amputee - should build a fake leg out of LEGO.

USPS Suspends Friday Kitten Delivery
Bad news, kitten fans. The United States Postal Service has announced that, due to budgetary constraints, it will be forced to cease Friday kitten deliveries beginning in August. The USPS ended Saturday cat delivery in 2012.
"This is a really sad day for the USPS and for the efficient delivery of kittens," said USPS historian Jaques Moutan. "A fully functioning feline delivery system is a vital necessity for a modern society, and I’m not sure that any of us will benefit from privatization."
The USPS began cat deliveries in 1974 and added Saturday service to cope with demand during the kitten boom of mid-1980s. Demand remained steady throughout the next decade, spiking again with the arrival of e-commerce. But recent supply chain advances have enabled private carriers like DHL and FedEx to offer kitten delivery at better prices than the USPS.
Monday through Thursday kitten delivery will remain unaffected, but a spokesperson for the Postal Service told The Fluffington Post that more restructuring may be on the way next year.
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Headstone in a pet cemetery near Boulder City, Nevada

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casa quebrada, curacaví, chile/UNarquitectura
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Headstone in Rose City Cemetery, Portland
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Massive school of anchovies off the coast of La Jolla, California. However the anchovy aggregation has baffled scientists, who say they have not seen anything like it in the area for over 30 years, according to The LA Times.

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Elderly Man Can’t Wait For Senility To Erase Lifetime Of Regretful Memories

"What is it that you do again?"

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